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Wat Ratchanadda (The Loha Prasat)

Across the street from the Golden Mount, Wat Ratchanadda probably the most unique temple design in Bangkok. Rama III began construction of the ‘Loha Prasat’ in the 19th century but due to its complexity of design, it was completed only recently. Wat Ratchanadda comprises five towers of varying sizes topped by huge iron spikes. The temples many columns create a labyrinth that is great fun to explore. If you are interested in a great view, the central tower has steps that lead you to shrine at the top. Wat Ratchanadda is famed for its amulet market which can be found behind the temple. As you will see by the number of visitors, amulets are taken very seriously in Thailand, and you’ll often see people walking round with magnifying glasses checking the authenticity of the items on show. This is not the cheapest place to buy an amulet – in fact some items go for substantial amounts of money! Wat Ratchanadda is a bit off the tourist track so as a result, if you are not in town very long, it might be best to avoid tackling the trip. Worth the visit if you do have time though.

Details: Wat Wat Ratchanadda opens 08:30 to 18:00. Getting there can be a bit tricky. Take the Express Boat to the Memorial Bridge pier and take a taxi from there.

Tel: 0-2628-5550