History & Culture

Wat Chong Kham / Wat Chong Klang

Given their close proximity, these two temples in Mae Hong Son are usually approached together. Both are found on southern Chong Klang Lake and when the sun reflects their images onto the water the effect is awe inspiring. Wat Chong Kham is an old temple built in 1827 by the Thai Yai of Burma. The temple houses pillars covered in gold and a large Buddha image produced by Burmese craftsmen. Wat Chong Klang is very close to Wat Chong Kham and contains a copy of the Phra Buddha Singh and a number of interesting items such as wooden figures and stained glass. The figures are Burmese dolls bought from Burma 100 years ago. The dolls represent various stages of the Buddha’s life. Most of the writing in the temples is in Burmese.

Details: The temples are open daily and entrance is free (although donations are suggested).

How to get there: The two temples easily accessible on foot from the Mae Hong Son market.