History & Culture

Victory Monument

Victory Monument commemorates those who died in national service – policemen, military officers and civilians. The concrete monument has a number of statues representing the services alongside plates commemorating those who died in the Franco-Thai dispute of 1943. Foreign dignitaries lay wreaths here on official visits. Like Democracy Monument, Victory Monument is at the centre of a roundabout and an even busier road network. As such, you can’t really wander over to take a look. However, it is very dominant in the skyline and you can study it from many vantage points around Victory Monument. It probably isn’t worth a visit in its own right, but the surrounding area is full of great shops and restaurants. Even if you don’t make a special visit to see it, you’ll probably get to see it during your wanderings around the city.

How to get there: Victory Monument has its own BTS station and so that’s by far the easiest way to get there.

Victory Monument is a hub for buses, as such most buses traveling north (airport, Chattuchak, etc.) will go through the area.