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Customs Regulations

Coming into Thailand:
Customs Regulations in Thailand are strict and enforced. Those in violation of regulations are subject to fines, and in extreme cases, imprisonment. Here is a brief synopsis of regulations as they stand:

Duty-Free Items:
You are entitled to bring no more than 200 cigarettes or cigars into the country without paying duty. In addition, tobacco up to a weight not exceeding 250 grams is duty exempt. One litre of wine or spirits may be brought into the country on a duty free basis, and you are entitled to bring in a 'stills’ or 'movie’ camera, five rolls of still film or three rolls of 8 to 16mm movie camera film for personal use.

Prohibited items:
All manner of narcotics (hemp, marijuana, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin) and other drugs (amphetamine, LSD, 'Ecstasy’) are considered banned substances, whether they have been prescribed by a doctor or not. Obscene literature and pornographic pictures will not be allowed into Thailand. In general, no firearms or ammunition can be brought into the country except in cases where a permit has been received from the Police Department of the Local Registration Office.

Personal effects:
Clothing for personal use, toiletries and music instruments for personal or professional use are all exempt of duty.

Household items:
An owner relocating to Thailand will not be charged duty on household items brought into the country.

Plants and animals:
Given the regularly changing conditions regarding bringing plants and animals into Thailand, you should check on current regulations first before bringing either into the country.

The Agricultural Regulatory Division
Tel: 0-2579-1581, 0-2579-3576.

If entering Thailand by sea, make enquiries about bringing animals into the county by contacting:

The Department of Livestock Development
Tel: 0-2251-5136, 0-2252-6944

Vaccination certificates are required for all animals entering Thailand.
For further information or queries contact the website of the Customs Department of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Leaving Thailand:
Aside from restrictions on drugs, firearms, and other restricted items mentioned above, the quantities of duty-free items you leave Thailand with is dependent on the regulations of the country you are visiting. If you have queries regarding the number of cigarettes, bottles of alcohol, etc. you can take into another country, it is best to contact that country’s embassy in Thailand for current regulations.

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