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Thailand is many things to many people, but above all it is a place of romance. The kingdom casts a magical charm over its visitors and over the last number of years it has become a magnet for people getting married (or renewing their vows), newlyweds on honeymoons, or people simply interested in a romantic getaway. And where else could be better - or more affordable? From the breathtaking scenery of the north, to the beaches and islands of the south, and all in between, whatever sort of person you are, there’s somewhere in Thailand that meets your mood and needs… Thailand’s hotels are some of the best in the world, and its Spas and other places where the focus is creating a sense of spiritual and the physical well-being add just that little something that makes your trip to Thailand extra special. What follows is a snapshot of what’s on offers those getting married or in looking to Thailand for a romantic getaway…

Romantic Gateway in Thailand

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Trang Underwater Wedding


Some people consider Thailand an eccentric place, and no better is its eccentricity displayed than in the annual 'Trang Underwater Wedding Festival'. That's right - people get married - UNDERWATER! Masks, tanks, flippers, white wedding dresses, tuxedos - right down to waterproof marriage certificates and pens that write underwater! Bizarre... but something you'd never forget!


The Cliffs Wedding


Just when you thought there was nothing to top Trang's underwater weddings, Thailand pulls another one out of the bag... The 'Cliffs Wedding'...


Koh Samui Wedding

Koh Samui

On Koh Samui wedding ceremonies take place right there on the beach, amidst all that beauty...


Phuket Wedding


In Phuket you can charter boats and have your ceremony and reception cruising around the Andaman Sea.


Lanna wedding

Chiang Mai

The 'Lanna wedding' ceremony a lure for many who wish to start their married lives with something more than a normal wedding...


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