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Trang Underwater Wedding

Some people consider Thailand an eccentric place, and no better is its eccentricity displayed than in the annual 'Trang Underwater Wedding Festival'. That's right - people get married - UNDERWATER! Masks, tanks, flippers, white wedding dresses, tuxedos - right down to waterproof marriage certificates and pens that write underwater! Bizarre... but something you'd never forget!

February of each year sees Thailand's southern Trang province turning into a magnet for those with a desire one of the least conventional weddings available. The first underwater wedding took place on Valentine's Day 2000 and has run for 9 straight years. It is in 'The Guinness Book of Records' as being 'the largest underwater wedding ceremony' (shouldn't that read 'only'!). Although the venue may change, events traditionally kick off in Trang municipality with couples taking part in a parade (or "Khan Maak") through the city. This parade culminates in a high-speed speedboat procession that heads off to the event's location.

The Trang Underwater Wedding Festival is an adaptation of a traditional Thai ceremony and is entirely legal!

It is organized by the Trang Chamber of Commerce so if you are interested in getting involved, you should contact them:
The Trang Chamber of Commerce
188 Kantang Road
Amphor Meuang

Tel: +66 7522 5353 or 7522 3223 ext: 2004

If an underwater wedding is not your thing, and your interest lies in a more traditional affair, never fear, Trang still has a lot to offer. This is still a fairly pristine part of Thailand without the crowds other provinces experience. With glorious islands and beaches and first class hotels, Trang offers newlyweds on honeymoons or those on romantic getaways genuine paradise and relative seclusion alongside a heady, romantic atmosphere... If you would like to see what else Trang offers those looking for a romantic experience, click here to visit our Trang section.