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The Royal Palace / Wat Mahathat

The Royal Palace is in the centre of old Sukothai. This is a large site covering around 160,000 square meters containing two main compounds and completely surrounded by a water moat. The first of the main compounds is Noen Phrasat (the Royal Building), a site containing a stone inscribed by King Ramhamhaeng. The second is Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai’s largest temple. The temple’s main ‘chedi’ is intact showing the traditional ‘Lotus’ style which demonstrates the Khmer influence particular to this area. The chedi sports Buddha images on its pedestal and images of a number of Buddhist disciples in adoration at its foot. Inside the temple’s ‘viharn’ is an 8-metre-high Bronze Buddha image. The site also features figures of demons and animals with angels riding on their backs. The temple offers authentic Sukothai art and its crypt has a number of excellent murals. Wat Mahathat is a very important temple, supposedly the spiritual centre of the old Sukhothai. There are around 200 chedis within the temple compound and so there’s plenty to see and wander around. Well worth a visit.

Details: Sukhothai Historical Park is open daily from 08.30 to 16.30. The Royal Palace / Wat Mahathat are in the central zone and admission is 40 Baht.

How to get there: Possibly the easiest way to get to the ‘Old’ City from ‘New’ Sukothai is Songtaew – the fare is around 10 Baht from Jarot Withithong Road near the Yom River. Many people stop off at Sukhothai City Walls and Gates to take a look before moving on the Historical Park.

Sukhothai Historical Park
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