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The Royal Carriage Museum

The Royal Carriage Museum houses carriages used for royal processions during the reign of King Rama V.  Situated close to Vimanmek Palace, the carriages are brightly coloured and delicately decorated. They are genuinely splendid and worth visiting if you have the time. However, given its close proximity most people combine a trip here with a trip to Vimanmek Palace and other sites in the Duist area and probably doesn’t warrant a visit in its own right if you are limited for time.

How to get there: The nearest BTS station is Phayathai, but this is still quite a long way from the mansion. It is probably best to go the rest of the journey by taxi.

It is possible to get to the mansion by boat – stop at Tewet Pier and take a Tuk-tuk the rest of the way to the mansion.

The following buses will get you there:

Bus number 12, 18, 28, 70, 108, 510, 515

Details: The museum opens daily 09:00 to 16.00
Admission Fee 50 Baht
Children Fee 20 Baht
Foreigner Fee 50 Baht

Contact Vimamek Mansion
 Vimanmek Mansion, Ratchawithi road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Thailand
Phone: 66 2 628 6300 
Email: pr@vimanmek.com
Website: http://www.vimanmek.com