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The Cliffs Wedding

The brainchild of a number of climbing schools in the Krabi area, this is just what the name suggests - a cliffs wedding. Couples dangle on ropes off one of Krabi's towering cliffs to take their vows and start their married lives! The event traditionally takes place Valentine's Day with eight couples 'tying the knot' on the last occasion. Although, the ceremony followed a level of tradition, the locations were less than conventional; couples attended a blessing ceremony in the Phra Nang Cave and then, dressed in the appropriate fashion for a wedding (albeit no high-heel shoes - boots instead!) the couples were taken to Tonsai Bay to climb a cliff, exchange vows, and receive their wedding certificates - all in mid-air! If the thought of emulating the 'Fear Factor' on your wedding day does not appeal, there are, of course, a number of more traditional approaches to a wedding available in Krabi.

The province has become a key destination for those getting married; its closeness to an international airport one reason, but beyond that the stunning beauty of the area (sunsets, beaches, etc.) alongside world-class hotels and accommodation make Krabi a natural choice. Whether you desire a Thai Buddhist ceremony on the beach, or a traditional western wedding, like elsewhere in the country, Krabi's wedding planners can make all the arrangements, as can its hotels and resorts. For those on honeymoons or romantic getaways, Krabi offers a range of packages designed to take the planning out a trip so you can concentrate on one thing - soaking up Krabi's romantic atmosphere! If you would like to see what else Krabi has to offer alongside your special Thailand experience, click here to visit our Krabi section.