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 Koh Samui
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January 2022
Travel Directory > Accommodation

Thailand Hotels

Thailand has a great tradition of hospitality and nowhere is this clearer than in its hotels. Excellent facilities, excellent service; all coupled with the famous Thai smile… Whichever poll you read, you will find at least one Thai hotel in the top ten in the world! But accommodation in Thailand is not just a series of top-of-the-range hotels – whatever your budget, there is something to meet your means. Guesthouses, resorts, rooms with a view – they are all here for you to choose from!

Ayutthaya: With ancient ruins and historical sites nestled next to a modern, vibrant city, Ayutthaya is one of the kingdom's key travel destinations.

Bangkok: Thailand has an excellent tradition of providing world-class hotels and unsurpassable hotel service. Of course, the best hotels are in Bangkok!

Buriram: Buriram is a large, highly populated province some 410 kilometres from Bangkok in north-eastern Thailand - an area known as 'Issan'.


Chiang Mai: Given its history, Chiang Mai is one of the more important provinces in Thailand and many of the hotels have borrowed the 'Lanna' theme.

Chiang Rai: Chiang Rai's natural environment and cultural interest has it firmly established on many foreigners' itineraries.

Chonburi: Home to Pattaya, Chonburi is very much Thailand's playground. The province draws in multitudes of visitors.

Chumphon: With over 200 kilometres of coastline of beautiful beaches and bays Chumpon is emerging as a popular destination for visitors.

Hua Hin: 


Kanchanaburi: Kanchanaburi is home to annual events remembering its wartime role; it also houses museums and ancient sites that detail past civilizations.

Khon Kaen: Khon Kaen is highly regarded for the superior quality silk and materials it produces and archaeological digs which have unearthed treasures.

Koh Chang: Fast emerging as a contender to Thailand's more traditional island destinations, Koh Chang offers everything a visitor might need.

Koh Samui: One of the jewels in Thailand's crown, Koh Samui offers everything; trekking water sports and entertainment!

Krabi: Krabi is one of the most diverse provinces in Thailand - partly on the mainland, partly taking in a number of islands. It attracts a diverse crowd.


Loei: Although Loei was a late starter as far as claiming its stake in the tourist industry is concerned, there is quite enough accommodation to meet...

Lop Buri: Lop Buri, formerly known as " Lawo", was one of the important ancient towns of the Khmers from the10th-13th century.

Lumpang: Located next to Mae Nam Wang River, Lumpang has a number of attractions for visitors and is continually growing in popularity!

Mae Hong Son: Mae Hong Son is one of the great northern Thailand destinations. In Mae Hong Son you can visit hill tribes and take in glorious scenery.


Nakhon Pathom: A province just west of Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom has the world's largest Buddhist monument and oozes with history and culture!

Nakhon Phanom: As the Mekong River flows east pass Nong Khai and then south, it progresses down the Nakhon Phanom's entire elongated eastern side, separating it...

Nakhon Ratchasima: With Khmer ruins a plenty, Nakhon Ratchasima an emerging destination for herds of visitors to the kingdom looking for something a bit different.

Nakhon Sawan: 

Nakhon Si Thammarat: Like elsewhere in the Kingdom, Nakhon Si Thammarat is increasingly a tourist destination and has ample accommodation to cater for the masses!


Narathiwat: Located in southern Thailand bordering Malaysia, Narathiwat is mainly Muslim and offers a different slant on Thailand.

Nong Khai: The gateway to Laos, located on the bank of the Mae Khong, Nong Khai is one of those 'must see' destinations all visitors to Thailand encounter.


Pathum Thani: 


Petchaboon: Another emerging jewel of Thailand's north - Petchaboon enjoys increasing popularity with visitors looking for the unusual.

Phang-Nga: Home to key tourist destinations like James Bond Island, Phang-Nga is a haven for herds of visitors eager to take in the best of this unique...

Phetchaburi: Phetchaburi was a stopover site for visitors going south, but as it is home to Cha-am it has become a key destination in its own right over recent...

Phi Phi Islands: Famed throughout the world, Thailand's Phi Phi Islands offer that Hollywood interpretation of what a paradise should be.

Phitsanulok: Just north of the central plains, Phitsanulok is a major tourist destination with historical sites, national parks and places of natural beauty!


Phuket: Phuket is probably one of the best known travel destinations in Thailand. An island roughly the same size as Singapore, it's a world within a world !

Prachuap Khiri Khan: An emerging central Thailand province is home to Hua Hin - royal resort and home to a glorious beach, golf courses and historical sites.

Ranong: Ranong borders Myanmar at parts is only 44 kilometres wide - despite it's size it's got a lot going for it!

Ratchaburi: Ratchaburi, a glorious town during the Dvaravati period, is located on the bank of the Mae Klong River.

Rayong: Another emerging province, Rayong has substantial industrial areas and is equally as much home to the business traveler as it is the tourist!



Sing Buri: 


Songkhla: An eastern coastal province, Songkhla is home to Hat Yai - a gateway to Malaysia and home to some excellent shopping.

Sukhothai: Sukothai is a former capital and one of Thailand's most historically important provinces and has plenty more than history besides.

Surat Thani: Surat Thani has an unrivalled place in Thai cultural history and Thai literature. Home to Koh Samui, visitors are often interested in beaches!

Tak: This Northern Province touches on Myanmar and offers the eco- or adventure tourist hill tribes, waterfalls, mountains and national parks!

Trang: Trang's National Parks, beaches and islands, and places of natural beauty make it an ideal destination for the adventurer or eco-tourist.

Trat: A small eastern province, Trat is a gateway into Cambodia and the relics of the Khmer civilization. As such, the province is now on visitors'...

Ubon Ratchthani: Ubon Ratchathani was part of the Khmer Empire until the Ayutthaya Kingdom later conquered it.

Udon Thani: The province of Udon Thani is of major historical importance and as a result a flourishing tourism industry has developed over recent years.

Uthai Thani: 

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