Tat Hueang Waterfall

The Hueang River feeds the Tat Hueang Waterfall (known as the Thai-Lao Waterfall) and as a result it is active all-year round. The river marks the boundary between Loei and its Loei neighbour and the waterfall is jointly owned by the two countries. This is then a meeting place for both Thais and Laos. Although there are a number of waterfalls in this area, Tat Hueang Waterfall is by far the most impressive, thrusting 30 metres into the skyline and around 40 metres in breadth. Set in thick jungle, getting to the site takes a bit of effort but it is well worth it.

How to get there:
To get to the waterfall in your own vehicle head for Bo Mueang Noi on the Na Haeo-Rom Klao Road.