History & Culture

Suwan Kuha Temple (Wat Tam)

Know locally as Wat Tam (the cave temple), Wat Suwan Kuha is just that – a temple in a cave! Located in a limestone mountain, Suwan Kuha is part of a large complex of caves with names such as Tam Yai, Tam Jaeng, Tam Meud, and Tam Kaew. Tam Yai is the largest cave (20 meters x 40 meters) in the complex and represents the site’s entrance. The entire length of Tam Yai features ‘Lai Kram’ and ‘Benjarong’ tiles (a typical form of decoration in this part of Thailand) and a number of Buddha images. The principal Buddha image is an extremely impressive 15-metre-long Reclining Buddha.

How to get there: Suwan Kuha Temple is located on route 4 about 12 kilometres from Phang Nga town going towards Phuket. The site is accessible by songtaew, tuk-tuk and bus.