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Sunthon Phu Memorial Park

Sunthon Phu Memorial Park is dedicated to Sunthon Phu (1786-1855), recognised as being Thailand’s greatest poet. Originally the location of the poet’s home, the memorial park is an immaculately maintained memorial and a joy to visit. A number of statues of characters from the poet’s work (including the hero of some of his work Phra Aphaimani playing a flute) and of the poet himself adorn the park. The park also plays a key part in the annual celebration of Sunthon Phu’s birth. The event features performances and puppet shows related to Sunthon Phu’s work alongside recitals of his poetry.

Sunthon Phu Memorial Park
Ban Kram Village
Amphoe Klaeng

How to get there: Sunthon Phu Memorial Park is located between Ban Phe and Klaeng in the village of Ban Khram. The site is easily accessible by bus, tuk-tuk and taxi.