Beaches & Islands

Suan Son Park

As Ban Phe is a port and the main exit point from the mainland to Koh Samet, many people miss the area’s charms and attractions. For instance, another short taxi trip will take you to Suan Son (’Pine’) Park, an area of extensive coastline and excellent white sandy beaches. It is a place locals favour for picnics because of its shady areas and great view of the beach. The stalls and restaurants around the beaches offer some excellent seafood dishes. If you find yourself in Ban Phe for any length of time and you are looking for something worthwhile to do, a visit to Suan Son Park would certainly be in order.

How to get there: Suan Son Park is accessible by taxi and songtaew. You can get there by bus, but given the short distance and the fact that most people will not be in the area for an extended period, a quick taxi journey is recommended.