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January 2022
Travel Guide

Spas and Well-being in Thailand

Activities related to our well-being are becoming commonplace and no longer the privilege of the wealthy or the domain of the fringe...

The modern world is a frenetic, often frantic place to live in. Modern life places more and more demands on us, and if the stresses and strains these demands cause remain unchecked, the result can be unhappiness, distress, and ultimately, illness. Recognising the importance of self-preservation in a fast-paced world, the last few years have seen a movement towards looking inwards, to understanding our physical and spiritual requirements, and dealing with issues such as stress before they become harmful. The growth in activities related to our well-being has been phenomenal. Whereas once health spas and retreats were merely the privilege of the wealthy few, today they are increasingly part of the majority's lifestyle. Once the preserve of the fringe, activities such as Yoga, meditation, Reiki and Pranic Healing are now becoming increasingly mainstream. Herbal medicine and natural healing have also remerged as contenders to what many see as impersonal and drug-driven western medicine. As a holiday destination, Thailand is perfectly positioned to cater to people who want more out of a holiday than a suntan. The country's spas offer an unparalleled level of elegance, luxury and pampering, and massage and traditional medicines (both Thai and Chinese) are not only rooted in the country's past, they are active ingredients of the modern Thailand. Meditation is a core component of everyday religious activity and a commonplace activity. Yoga and forms of healing have been naturally embraced, and well-being centres and retreats emerge on a daily basis. As you can see, a trip to Thailand could indeed to you a world of good!

Spas Meditation Alternative Medicine and Healing

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