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Sitjemam Muay Thai

This is the home of the world’s most powerful martial arts fighting system! If you are seriously committed to Muay Thai (“Thai Boxing”), whether you’re a beginner, an amateur or a professional fighter preparing for a fight, or simply aiming to drastically increase your fitness level – Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai is the perfect environment for you. This is where you can find quality Muay Thai training in a positive and genuine environment that still looks like the real Thailand. If you want to be supported by competent coaching and you aspire to be part of a winning team, Sitjemam Muay Thai is the place to be.

Our boxing camp is not a modern ‘Muay Thai supermarket’ owned by a multinational corporation but is family run and actually based on our resident fight team. We offer visiting trainees the possibility of working out in small groups with our fight team, under the expert guidance of our technical staff. You won’t feel like ‘just a number’ here and you won’t ever be left alone kicking a bag for hours – because our priority is pushing everyone towards their personal goals to create winning athletes. In this way we have turned amateurs into fighters and helped numerous people get into the best shape of their lives.

2 Moo 6 Na Jalong, Mae Na Toeng, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Tel: +66 83 3212230