Beaches & Islands

Similan Islands

Similan is a paradise on earth. It’s probably the most beautiful beach and island destination in Thailand. Tourists enjoy truly crystal clear water and powdery white sand beach.

The waters around Similan offer up to 30 meters visibility, and there is a lot to see beneath the waves. Similan is the world’s famous diving site. Aside from a huge variety of coral, the underwater seascape offers large granite boulders with gaps in rock where more experienced divers can swim through.

Similan Islands comprise 9 islands (Similan means nine). The whole area is the national park. The island number 4 or "Koh Miang" is the location of the national park office. It’s also the main island where tourists hop on and off to access Similan area.

The national park is only opens from mid November to early May of each year. With its remote location and preservation by the national park unit, Similan Islands remains unspoiled.

Details: The National Park collects the admission fees of 400 Baht for adults and 200 Baht for children.

How to get there: Direct and shortest route to Similan is from Tub Lamu Pier in Phang Nga. The trip takes around 2 1/2 to 3 hours. There’re also high speed boats running from Phuket to Similan. Tourists can do a one-day trip to Similan or stay over for nights. Many tour operators offer packages with foods and trips for snorkeling.