Diving & Snorkelling

Racha Islands

The Racha Islands, located 12 kilometers south of Phuket, are known for their crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Racha Yai (Big Racha) Island is the place to stay. Racha Noi (Small Racha) Island is uninhabited and has no services or accommodation, but there’re some great diving sites in the area.

Racha Yai has a number of bungalow and resort operations. The water at Racha is clear and perfect for snorkeling and diving.

One of the best diving sites in the Racha Islands, the northern tip of Racha Noi offers dramatic underwater scenery. Despite this being a relatively shallow dive site (the dive starts at around 5 metres and goes down to around 35 metres), very strong currents mean only the most advanced and experienced divers should dive here. This area is renowned for large fish and the coral is outstanding.

How to get there: The islands are 35 kilometres south of Phuket and you will need to charter a boat to get there.