Phu Chi Fa Forest Park

Located in Thoeng district of Chiang Rai Province, it is a stunning view point of Doi Pha Mon.  Its height is 1628 meters above the sea-level. From Phu Chi Fa, you will experience the spectacular mountain scenery setting between Thai-Laos border. You will expect to see the views over Mekong River and deep into Laos. A small village of Chiang Tong District and the far away mountain in Laos can be seen from there.

A perfect spot for taking photos is the area of 50 meters before going to the top. From that point, you can see the sunrise coming out from the top of the mountain while the sea fog slowly fading away. With the incredibly beautiful scenery, the cool weather and beautiful local flowers make it the place you should visit once. The place is extremely popular in the winter (November-February).

For accommodations, you can find many guesthouses, resorts and camping sites around Phu Chi Fa.  Phu Chi Fa is mostly visited in the early morning. Instead of leaving Chiang Rai’s city very early in the morning (around 2:00 a.m.), visitors are recommended to stay overnight around Phu Chi Fa, wake up early around 5:00 a.m.  and walk up to the mountaintop. Visitors can stay over at Ban Rom Fa Thong and Ban Rom Fa Thai. From there, it is about 1.8 kilometers to the viewing point of the mountaintop.

Details: Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) at Chiang Rai office can assist you for more information. Please contact TAT Chiang Rai 66 5374 4674 to 5, 66 5371 7433.

How to get there: Leave Chiang Rai City, take highway 1020 to Thoeng. Drive for 63 kilometers until reach highway 1115. Turn here and drive for 21 kilometers to Ban Pang Kha. From Ban Pang Kha, drive for another 24 kilometers to Phu Chi Fa. The total distance from Chiang Rai to Phu Chi Fa is 108 kilometers.