Located next to the Andaman Sea, Phang-nga is blessed with astonishing natural beauty and is certainly one of the kingdom’s most impressive provinces. Agriculture in the shape of rubber plantations, rice, vegetable and fruit production makes up a key component of the area’s economy - not surprisingly, tourism is the other. Phang-nga province offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes featuring mountainous areas alongside deciduous forest and some of the kingdom’s nicest islands and beaches (the province’s two key National Parks - Surin Islands National Marine Park and Similan Islands National Marine Park - hosting most of these). Phang-nga does though feature a range of smaller, and equally beautiful National Parks and Forest Parks all of great value to Phang-nga’s visitors. If you are heading for this area, you have a delight in store!

Attractions in Phang-Nga

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Mu Koh Similan National Park

The name “Similan” is derived from a Malay word meaning nine – very apt for a National Park that comprises nine islands. The park occupies an area of around 30,000 acres and has been in operation since September 1982. The bulk of the islands that make up the park are uninhabited. The park’s office is located on Koh Miang,...


Similan Islands

Similan is a paradise on earth. It’s probably the most beautiful beach and island destination in Thailand. Tourists enjoy truly crystal clear water and powdery white sand beach. The waters around Similan offer up to 30 meters visibility, and there is a lot to see beneath the waves. Similan is the world’s famous diving site. Aside from...


Donald Duck Bay

A very recognisable and much photographed part of the islands, “Donald Duck Bay” is located on “Similan Island 8”. The bay is a very popular stopping point for visitors out on day trips. It is not the most exciting dive site in the area, but at night molluscs, gastropods and other crustaceans come out to make night diving...


James Bond Island

What does it take to put a tourist destination on the international map? Great beaches, crystal clear water, clement weather? Not really You are certainly best off trying to get it into a James Bond movie! The 1974 film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ is remembered for three things; a gun (made up of gold jewellery), an arch villain...


Surin Islands

Surin Islands National Park is known for the beautiful reefs, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. There are five islands that make up the Surin Islands named Koh Surin Nua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Kai, and Koh Klang. The two main islands in the group are Koh Surin Nua (Northern Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (Southern Surin Island)....


Khao Lak

Khao Lak (Hat Khaolak) has for a number of years been a popular destination for visitors to Thailand and its popularity grows annually. Like many of the kingdom’s beach destinations, the area features beautiful white sands and crystal clear water. Although Khao Lak was one of the worst hit areas in the 2004 tsunami, a massive relief operation...


Swift Passage

Swift Passage is between Koh Surin Tai and Koh Torinla. The site is subject to strong currents that enable divers to drift-dive. The site’s coral seabed is tremendous and there is an abundance of marine life - turtles, sharks, and parrot fish. Strong currents mean divers need to be intermediate level. The site has a maximum depth of 27...


Koh Yao Islands

Being a district of Phang Nga province, Koh Yao consists of 44 small islands.  Among these islands, there are 2 main islands that are larger than the rest and where most of the population lives: Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi. Koh Yao Yai is twice size of Koh Yao Noi. The important pier, Loh Jaak Pier, is located on this island. The pier is used...


Hat Khao Lak

Hat Khao Lak , 32 kilometres from Takua Pa, is now an interesting destination for domestic and overseas tourists. It has an advantage of beautiful, long beach of Andaman Sea and green mountain of Khao Lak-Lamru National Park parallel to the coast. The accommodation of Takua Pa along Khao Lak and Bang Sak Beach are built in the original southern...


Panyi Fishing Village

Located off the coast near Phang-nga town is the island of Koh Panyi. Set amongst a series of ‘Karst’ (small limestone islands that have eroded away to create strangely shaped rock), Panyi is a delightful in its own right. However, it has the added attraction of being home to an interesting Muslim Fishing Village.  The village has...


Suwan Kuha Temple (Wat Tam)

Know locally as Wat Tam (the cave temple), Wat Suwan Kuha is just that – a temple in a cave! Located in a limestone mountain, Suwan Kuha is part of a large complex of caves with names such as Tam Yai, Tam Jaeng, Tam Meud, and Tam Kaew. Tam Yai is the largest cave (20 meters x 40 meters) in the complex and represents the site’s entrance....


Morgan Village

Located on the small island of Koh Surin Tai live the ‘Morgan Sea Gypsies’ – a seafaring tribe that has a number of communities in countries around the Andaman Sea (particularly Indonesia where some believe they come from). Stemming from a long lineage of seafaring peoples, the Morgan have a spoken language called Yawi but, of...


Ao Mae Yai

There are around ten bays on the Surin Islands with great beaches. Ao Mae Yai is probably the best known of them all. Located in the southwest of Surin Nua (Southern Surin Island), Ao Mae Yai has white sand and wonderfully calm, crystal-clear waters. Set against some dramatic scenery, this is an excellent location for swimming, snorkelling and...


Ao Luk (Deep Bay)

There are around ten bays on the Surin Islands with great beaches. Ao Luk on the Southeast coast of Koh Surin Nua (Northern Surin Island) is probably the most visited. It has excellent waters and offers a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. The beach features shallow corals and an abundance of marine life making snorkeling and diving...


Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is a dive site with a maximum depth of 30 metres. The underwater seascape comprises a ‘U’ shaped group of rocks that lie just below the surface of the water when the tide is out. Water currents in the area can be very strong so this is not really a place for novices, although beginners with some experience can dive here...


Koh Chi (Nun Island)

One of Surin’s favourite dive sites is Koh Chi two kilometres off the northeast coast of Surin Nua. This dive is suitable for all levels. With an average of 15 metres visibility where average depth is 18 metres (23 metres at its deepest) you are likely in for a treat. The site offers a LOT of marine live including barracuda, mackerel, tuna...


Burma Banks

The Burma Banks are huge sea mounts that rise to within 15 metres of the surface of the Andaman Sea and then plunge some 300 metres offering a spectacular underwater seascape. The site offers masses of underwater life including silvertip and nurse sharks and sporadic sightings of grey reef sharks. The three main banks (Roe, Rainbow and Silvertip)...


Ton Chong Fah Waterfall

Located in Lumru National Park, Ton Chong Fah Waterfall is a five-tier waterfall situated 5 kilometres north of the National Park office and set in thick forest. The source of Ton Chong Fah is Bang Nian canal and the waterfall is not dependent on seasonal rains. As a result they can be visited all year round. A quiet, leafy and out of the way...


Lamru Waterfall

Located in Khao Lak-Lamru National Park, Lamru Waterfall is a five-tier waterfall. Its source is Kapong canal and as a result water flows through the waterfall all year round. Set in dense forest this is a quiet place to visit and take in some natural beauty for a while. Details: Located in a National Park, there is an admission fee of 200 Baht for...


Khao Lak-Lamru National Park

Inaugurated in 1991, Khao Lak-Lamru National Park is a large park (125 square kilometres) overlooking the Andaman Sea. Set in rice paddies, jungle and rubber trees Khao Lak-Lamru features hills and a range of ‘evergreen’ forests. The highest point in the park is 1,077 metres above sea level and it provides the source for the Phang-Nga...


Sa Nang Manora Forest Park

Although not on most tourists’ ‘to do’ list, Sa Nang Manora Forest Park is a quaint, attractive park and a great place to visit if you have time. The park features rainforest and has some rocky parts amongst the forest. There are a number of striking multi-tiered waterfalls in the park with pools for swimming which are linked by a...


Ao Phang Nga National Park

Ao Phang Nga National Park is a large park of around 400 square kilometers. It comprises around 40 extremely attractive, mainly uninhabited islands. The area features the scenery of green waters set against dramatic limestone cliffs, some of which are up to 300 meters high. The highlight of the park is though its ‘karst’ formations...


Elephant Head (Hin Pusar)

Most divers and snorkellers regard this site as the best in the Similans. Located just south of Koh Similan, Elephant Head comprises a number of large boulders which create a sophisticated series of channels (some of which are swimthroughs). The site reaches a depth of 40 metres and currents get pretty strong. As such, beginners are not advised to...


Shark Fin Reef / Boulder City

Due to their close proximity these two sites are usually tackled together - they are anyway part of the same ridge which juts out into the sea from Similan Island 3. The seabed at this site is smothered with coral. Large boulders sit on the seabed and gaps between the boulders are also covered in coral. The marine life in the area is splendid with...


Breakfast Bend

Located on the eastern side of Similan Island 9, Breakfast Bend features masses of hard coral alongside teaming marine life with masses of different types of fish - damsels, groupers, etc. and a fair number of turtles. The maximum depth of the site is 25 metres. It is an excellent place to dive at night.


Fantasea Reef

A lot of people are of the opinion that the diving available at Fantasea Reef is the best available around the Similans. There are staggering rock formations (which include swimthroughs) that are covered in carpets of soft coral. In addition, there is a very wide variety of marine life on offer here. 


Turtle Ledge

This is an excellent dive site offering a wealth of marine life with plenty of varieties of turtles (surprise, surprise!) and fish (including the Andaman Foxface).  This is a very shallow, sloping dive only going down to around 25 metres so it is good for snorkeling. Divers on the other hand should be intermediate level before attempting this...


Koh Torinla

A shallow, sloping reef going down to a maximum depth of around 20 metres, Koh Torinla is good dive site offering lots of coral and an abundance of turtles and marine life. Good for snorkeling, but strong currents mean divers should be around intermediate level before attempting this dive.


Swift Passage

Swift Passage is between Koh Surin Tai and Koh Torinla. The site is subject to strong currents that enable divers to drift-dive. The site’s coral seabed is tremendous and there is an abundance of marine life - turtles, sharks, and parrot fish. Strong currents mean divers need to be intermediate level. The site has a maximum depth of 27...


Hat Bang Sak

Hat Bang Sak , located in Tambon Bang Muang on Phetkasem Road, on the Thai Mueang - Takua Pa section, between Km.76-77 and going down a side road for another hundred metres. The beach of Bang Sak has clean white sand and stretches along a grove of shady pines. Accommodation and restaurant are available on the beach.


Wat Rat Uppatham or Wat Bang Riang

Wat Rat Uppatham or Wat Bang Riang , located in Tambon Bang Riang, 11 kilometres from the Thap Put District office on Phetkasem Road. The temple, situated on Khao Lan hill, contains several structures including an elaborate bell-shaped pagoda called Chedi Phutthathambanlue. The hilltop pagoda overlooks surrounding undulating mountains and hills as...

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