Patpong Night Market

Although Patpong is historically famous as a Go-Go area, these days it is enjoying increasing fame as a market. The street stalls in the middle of the road offer just about everything you want – a really perfect place to pick up gifts for people back home. Very much the same blend of offerings as at other markets, but the central location is of course going to make it a winner. Other aspects of the location could add an element to its success! A word of warning: The Patpong street stalls take up a lot of road space leaving very little room for people to walk. If you have difficulty walking, or you are wheelchair bound, it might be best to avoid the Patpong area, or at least visit very early evening.

How to get there: The nearest BTS Station is Saladaeng and the nearest MRT station is Silom. From both Saladaeng and Silom you need to walk down Silom Road away from Lumini Park. When you see a MacDonald’s on your left, Patpong is on your right. The following buses will get you there:

Bus number: 15, 16, 76, 77, 93, 115, 162, 163, 164
Air-conditioned bus number:  76, 77, 177, 504, 514