Beaches & Islands

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is simply where Phuket’s action is! It’s by far the most frequented destination on Phuket and has just about everything a tourist could desire – it is therefore Phuket’s most developed beach! Located 15 kilometers to the west of Phuket town, this 3-kilometer-long white sand beach is jam packed with hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops sitting alongside dive shops, travel agents and the outlets that cater for the windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing and parasailing that goes on around the beach. Despite the often frenetic activity, the water remains reasonably clean and suitable for swimming – there are actually separate ‘lanes’ for swimmers and those involved in water sports.

Patong is particularly famous for its nightlife, which some say might rival that of Pattaya. Given that, Patong may not be as family friendly as the other beaches in the area. It is though a good place to start your exploration of the surrounding areas and a variety of tours are available that include Kayaking in Phang Nga, half-day snorkeling trips to islands off Phuket, sightseeing tours around the rest of island, and fishing trips into the open sea. Patong is also a good place to arrange your ‘live aboard’ diving trips (October to May).
How to get there: Songtaews regularly leave Phuket town for Patong Beach as do buses from Thawiwong Road.