Pang Ung

Pang Ung (Pang Oong) or “Pangtong2” is one of the Royal Initiative projects by HM Queen Sirikit for highland development. The place sometimes is referred to “Ruam Thai” on maps and signs. It is a Shan Minority Village where it has been developed with modern agricultural projects.

A large reservoir in Pang Ung is popular and attracts more and more visitors to come every year. Its lake view, pine leaves, beautiful mountain scenes, and hazy fog in the morning are a perfect combination for visitors who love to touch by natures. Surrounded by a verdant pine forest, the lake is beautiful in every season. Walking or Jogging along the lakeside are pleasant activities to do. There are camping areas and guesthouses around the lake. Pang Ung sometimes is called “Switzerland in Thailand”. In the winter, sometimes the temperature drops to zero and create a thin film of ice covered flowers and plants.

This beautiful landscape is located 44 kilometers from Mae Hong Son’s city. It takes about 2.5 hours if you drive from the city. Traveling to Pang Ung, recently Mae Hong Sorn province has revised its regulations for Pang Ung visitors. Since the visitors have increased every year, in order to prevent accidents from unfamiliar local road drivers and to lessen traffic disturbing the environment, the province will provide trucks to transport visitors for 50 Baht each for the round-trip.

Details: Pang Ung is opened everyday from 08:00 a.m. - 04:30 p.m. For more information and reserve accommodations, please call 66 5361 1244 or 66 5361 1649.

How to get there:  From Mae Hong Son route to Pang Ung, it is the same raod to Pai. To travel by bus, take a local bus at Sai-Yud market in Mae Hong Son. The bus operates 2 times a day at 09:00 a.m. and 03:00 p.m. The trip takes 2.5 hours. To travel by your own transportation, from Mae Hong Son, follow the sign to “Ban Rak Thai”. At the “Na Pa Paek” village, turn left. Then, follow the sign to “Pang Ung Reservoir”. It is about 5.5 kilometers from the turn-off at North 19 29.955, East 097 54.705 (if using GPS).