Pai is famous for its stunning natural scenery and cool nice weather during the winter. In the evening, the main street of the town (Chaisongkram Rd.) becomes Pedestrian Street and it is filled with tourists, market stalls, and food carts. This so called “Pai Walking Street” has souvenir shops, Thai Massage shops, Handicraft shops, handmade T-Shirt and postcard shops. Walking Street is opened daily.

There are several attractions that you should not miss if you are in Pai. Wat Phra That Mae Yen (Phra That Mae Yen Temple), Nam Tok Mo Paeng (Mo Paeng Waterfall), Num Tok Yen (Yen Waterfall), and Num Tok Bok (Bok Waterfall).

Tha Pai Hot Springs is one of must see places in Pai. For the natural hot springs, the temperature of the water varies from 80 to 200 Celsius. There are some resorts are located near the hot springs that tap and feed the hot water to their own bungalows and public pools.

Not far away from Pai Town, there is Chinese Village (Santichon). The village was settled in the middle of the 20th century by Yunnanese tribes that tried to escape the Communism. There you can buy handicraft merchandises, Chinese teas and desserts. You can see how Yunnanese lives their daily lives.

There are plenty of hotels, resorts and guesthouses in Pai, most of them are in the center of Pai town. Small to medium size luxury resorts can be found there. Pai is a small town so you can explore it by walking, bicycling and motorbiking.

How to get there: To access Pai from Mae Hong Sorn city, driving a car or riding a motorbike are popular options. You can rent a motorbike from many agents in Mae Hong Sorn city and along the main street in Pai. You can access Pai from Chiang Mai by taking a mini van, public bus or flying by SGA Airlines.  Flying time takes about 25 minutes. You can book and purchase the airplane tickets with travel agents or through the airline’s website.