Nong Khai

The province features delightful scenery comprising forests and sweeping landscapes, as well as a series of small towns situated on the banks of the Mekong River that make excellent visits. The province also features a range of attractions for visitors which include temples and the Tha Sadet market town.

Attractions in Nong Khai

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Tha Sadet Market

This place is essentially the main pier for the ferry across the Mekhong River to Tha Dua in Laos. However, Tha Sadet has also become the focal point for local trade between this part of Thailand and neighbouring Laos. The market here is often called the ‘Indochina Market’ because goods sold here are mainly from across the region, but...


Wat Sala Kaew Koo

Wat Sala Kaew Koo (or Wat Kek) is probably one of the most unique temples you are likely to visit in Thailand. Projecting a heady mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism merged with Brahmanism, the temple is the brainchild of Luang Pu Bunleua Surirat – a monk who lived in Laos prior to coming to Thailand to avoid the communist take over of the...

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