Natural Hot Springs and Raksawarin Park Arboretum

Ranong’s chief attractions include its hot springs and Raksawarin Park Arboretum. Situated 2 kilometers east of Ranong town, mineral water coming from the springs maintains a year-round temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. The waters have proven healing qualities and often prescribed by doctors in the locale as a form of treatment. There are three main spring pools: the Father Pool, the Mother Pool and the Child Pool. The water from each of these springs is considered so pure that it was used during important ceremonies to celebrate the 60th Birthday of King Bhumibhol, Thailand’s current monarch.

Located in Raksawarin forest park, Raksawarin Park Arboretum is a private health resort Arboretum offering full health facilities and a range of packages. Situated in comfortably shady surroundings, it is the only resort given permission to draw spring water for commercial purposes and is maintained by local authorities. The surroundings are suitable for picnics or for just relaxing. The spring water can also be experienced at Tapo Tharam Temple, a short distance from the resort. The temple provides showers with hot and cold spring water which are free, but a donation of around 10 Baht is suggested.

Details: There is no admission fee related to visiting the springs but the Arboretum has a schedule of fees for services and treatments.

How to get there: The Hot Springs and Raksa Warin Arboretum are located near Tapo Tharam Temple on Highway 4005. Given the distance involved in getting there, a trip to the springs is probably best approached through one of the many tours available in Ranong town.