Nan is a town in Northern Thailand. It is some 668 km north of Bangkok. Neighboring provinces are Uttaradit, Phrae and Phayao and to the north and east it borders Sainyabuli of Laos. It is spread along the Nan river’s right bank. The area is heavily forested with arable land used mainly for agriculture. It is an ancient city steeped in history with its long association with the Lannathai culture and the Sukhothai kingdom.

Nan is a small city, primarily devoted to commercial, administrative, educational, and hospital activities. The old heart of the city, is where Wat Phumin, the National Museum and other tourist attractions are located. The city’s industrial and tourist development remains limited, but is now being improved with the opening of the border towards Laos and beyond towards China.

Attractions in Nan

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Wat Phra That Khao Noi

Wat Phra That Khao Noi is located on the top of Khao Noi hill, two kilometers west of the town. The hill is 800 feet high. The temple has a white chedi and a huge walking Buddha statue overlooking the hill below. The recent temple buildings may look nothing special, but from the top of the hill, easily accessed by a road, one can see, side by side...


Wat Phumin

The city of Nan’s most famous wat (temple) is renowned for its cruciform ubosot which was constructed in 1596 and restored during the reign of Chao Ananta Vora Ritthi Det (1867-1875). It is the only temple which was built on the back of two immense snakes sculpture. Each of the four entrances is preceded by a small corridor topped by a finely...


Nan National Museum

Nan National Museum is a museum located at Pha Kong in Nan Town Municipality which is near Wat Phumin. The Nan National Museum is in the origin palace of the last two feudal lords of Nan. The building was originally constructed in 1903 by Phra Chao Suriyapnong Phalidet, the penultimate lord of Nan to replace his former wooden residence. After the...

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