Nam Nao National Park

Opened in 1972, Nam Nao National Park is an average of 800 metres above sea level, covers nearly 1000 square kilometres, and is shared between three provinces (including Loei). The park features sandstone mountains, thick forests and dense vegetation. At 1270 metres Phu Pha Jit is its highest peak. The park is home to a variety of wildlife including a handful of elephants, jackals, a few tigers, bears, a small number of leopards, deer, gibbons, and flying squir¬rels.
The parks elevation means it is cool throughout the year and often quite cold at night.

As with all National Parks, there is a 200-Baht entrance fee for adults and a 100-Baht fee for children under 14 years of age. Accommodation in the park includes tents, bungalows and accommodation for larger numbers of people. All accommodation must be booked well in advance.

From November to February temperatures drop considerably and suitable clothing must be taken.

How to get there:
Tuks-tuks and Songtaews are available from Loei while buses directly to the park run from Khon Kaen.

Nam Nao National Park
Lom Sak District,

Tel: (056) 729-002