Beaches & Islands

Naklua Beach

Naklua is much smaller and more peaceful than its neighbors. The beach does not suffer from the mass development Pattaya Beach has experienced. The Pattaya municipality spent 1.8 million Baht on cleaning up the waters around Pattaya, and in Naklua.  It is now possible to see fish in the water. This makes bathing in the sea a genuine pleasure. Naklua is also the central for windsurfers. Windsurfing equipments also can be hired from the beach.

How to get there: Take a songthaew at Second Road to the Dolphin Roundabout (10 Baht). If the songthaew turns left or right at the roundabout, disembark immediately. It is not one of the few that continue straight on to Naklua. Then, you should across to the north side of the roundabout, and either walk or take a northbound songthaew from there.