History & Culture

Loei Province Cultural Center

The Loei Province Cultural Center is located in the grounds of Ratchabhat Lori Institute some 5 kilometres from Loei municipality. It provides extensive information on the province, past and present. The centre has three main sections. The first offers a number of slide shows giving a general overview of the province and the lives of the province’s residents. The second section shows a variety of wooden Buddha images alongside examples of traditional utensils used by villagers in Loei. In addition, there is a display of masks worn by revelers during the local Phi Ta Khon festival as well as information on other local festivals. The third section offers insights into Loei from a variety of aspects including history, geography, and ethnic groups.

Loei Province Cultural Center opens Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00 and entrance is free.

Loei Provincial Cultural Center
Ratchaphat Loei Institute
Thanon Loei-Chiang Khan
Amphoe Muang Loei,

Tel: (042) 835-223-8 Ext: 512

How to get there:
Within the municipality the centre is a short tuk-tuk ride away and the fare should be around 20 Baht.