520 kilometres from Bangkok and approximately 400 meters above sea level, Loei province was only relatively recently established as a tourist destination. As a result, it remains authentic and pristine. Bordering Laos, this northeastern province bears many similarities to the north of Thailand, even to the extent that people confuse its location. A place of great natural beauty and natural and cultural attractions, Loei has a rugged landscape featuring low mountains, waterfalls and vast tracts of open, fertile land forming plains that house the province’s municipality and the River Loei (which flows into the Mekong).

Loei is also a province of extremes, not least its climate! Loei gets cold sometimes very cold! The temperature can drop to 0?C in the cool season prompting the fogs and mists more associated with northern parts of the Kingdom. In stark contrast, during the hot season temperatures go off the chart and Loei becomes Thailand’s warmest province. Agriculture drives Loei’s economy and its rural communities remain intact tending crops as diverse as highland rice, Arabica coffee and lychees. As well as physical similarities with the north, Loei shares many cultural similarities that have blended to make the province a culturally unique part of Thailand. The province has excellent National Parks in Phu Kradung and Phu Reua making Loei an excellent place for hiking from mid-October to February. Loei is also home to the famous Bun Phra Wet Festival.

Attractions in Loei

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Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park is one of the leading National Parks in the country and houses the highest peak in Loei (1360 meters). The park is 359 square kilometers in size and extremely well organized. It offers numerous trails (around 50 kilometers worth in total) taking hikers past waterfalls, through pine, oak and beech forests, and past...


Phu Ruea National Park

Resting in a plateau with an area of 75,525 square kilometers, Phu Ruea National Park comprises a rugged mountain range with its highest peak (and source for a number of Loei’s rivers) rising 1,365 meters above sea level. The view from the top of Phu Ruea is quite dazzling and stretches as far as the Heuang and Khong Rivers. The unusually...


Phra That Si Song Rak

Located on a hill by the Man River and built in 1560 on the border of the Ayutthaya and Lang Xang Kingdoms, Phra That Si Song Rak symbolizes the resolve of the kings of these two kingdoms not to invade each other’s territory and to join forces against Burmese invaders. The temple was built in a style similar to that found in Laos and has a...


Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary

Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary is only partially open to tourists. The sanctuary’s main trail is 6 kilometers long and weaves through pine forest, flowers, rocks and various cliffs. Given its altitude the sanctuary is cool all year round. The sanctuary is currently engaged in the Food for Elephants Rehabilitation Project initiated by Her...


Phu Pha Lom Forest Park

Located about 25 kilometres from the Loei municipality, Phu Pha Lom is an 800-acre park of jungle and mountain ranges. The park has a number of trails and a number of points where people stop to take in the area’s natural beauty. The park also has a cave system that visitors can explore. As with most parks, Phu Pha Lom Forest Park is a haven...


Chiang Khan

Chiang Khan is a small and a calm town located at the border line of Khong River. The town is quiet and people have a simple life style. It has many beautiful temples. The town still has a row of old wooden house, with authentic wood preserved. Some of them are made for accommodation for tourists who want to relax comfortably close to the...


Chateau de Loei Winery and Vineyard

Chateau de Loei Vineyard is situated on the Phu Rua Highland. The vineyard produces the oldest wine of Thailand, with over a thousand rai of growing areas for fresh and wine-making grapes. Probably not what you expected to do in northeastern Thailand, but a trip to the Chateau de Loei Vineyard makes it a nice change. This vineyard grows grapes to...


Wat Neramit Wiphatsana

Dedicated to a popular local monk and very reminiscent of some of the larger temples in Bangkok, Wat Neramit Wiphatsana was built for meditating monks and is located on a hill near Phra That Si Song Rak southwest of Loei. The temple’s ordination hall and pagoda are made of laterite and illustrated with murals created by Pramote Sriphrom...


Loei Province Cultural Center

The Loei Province Cultural Center is located in the grounds of Ratchabhat Lori Institute some 5 kilometres from Loei municipality. It provides extensive information on the province, past and present. The centre has three main sections. The first offers a number of slide shows giving a general overview of the province and the lives of the...


Wat Pho Chai

Built in the Ayutthayan period, Wat Pho Chai is one of the more important temples in the area. The focal point of the temple is a much revered bronze Buddha image which shows the Buddha in meditation. The temple also features murals of the Buddha’s 10 former lives which were painted in 1852. Details: There is no entrance fee to this temple...


Phra That Din Thaen

This is without doubt the most unique temple in Thailand - the 200-year-old temple was crafted entirely from soil; brick, concrete nor timber feature in its construction. The temple is highly regarded locally and receives visits from people from many districts in the province and beyond. Its history is somewhat shrouded but a local legend suggests...


Wang Tat Waterfall

Wang Tat Waterfall is the focal point of Na Haeo National Park.  Located 5 kilometres from the park’s headquarters visitors pass Wang Klao Waterfall on the way. The waterfall is not fully accessible by vehicle and visitors have to make a 100-metre walk to reach it. With only 2-tiers and a mere 5 metres high the waterfall is pleasant...


Tat Hueang Waterfall

The Hueang River feeds the Tat Hueang Waterfall (known as the Thai-Lao Waterfall) and as a result it is active all-year round. The river marks the boundary between Loei and its Loei neighbour and the waterfall is jointly owned by the two countries. This is then a meeting place for both Thais and Laos. Although there are a number of waterfalls in...


Ban Na Kraseng Rattan Furniture and Fabric Weaving Village

Located in Tha Li district of Loei, Ban Na Kraseng makes its living preparing rattan furniture and handicrafts alongside traditionally woven fabrics. These days these activities are driven by the market forces of tourism, but what you see done today is the same as it was done generations past. The rattan furniture produced here is of an extremely...


Kaeng Khut Khu

This small island is located directly in the middle of the Mekong River. A number of boulders of various hues and tones are exposed during the dry season offering curious ‘moonscape’ in the middle of a river. ‘Chana Kham’ (a small district in Laos) is clearly visible from Kaeng Khut Khu. Restaurants selling local seafood...


Tai Dam Cultural Village

The Tai Dam Cultural Village is home to an ethic minority that came to Thailand from Laos in 1905. Their traditional lifestyle has been maintained through their arts and crafts that have translated into the production of souvenirs for visitors to their village. The village centre offers a range of items produced by the villagers and also offers...


Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park

The Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park is located in Puan Phu, Nong Hin, Loei. The Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park is a garden with beautiful limestone mountains and long period erosion. There is a path that winds go through the rocks, which takes visitors to the Suan Hom and Phiang Din Waterfalls. In addition, there are many rare plants and trees age hundreds of years...


Sirindhron Art Center

Sirindhron Art Center is the initiative of teachers and pupils at Si Songkhram Witthaya School. The school has particular strength in the area of art of its pupils received a number of awards for their efforts. The art centre is an attempt to give students and members of the public in the area an appreciation of art, especially art in a local...

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