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Lanna wedding

Northern Thailand is one of the most unique areas in the world. A realm of hills and mountains, dramatic landscapes and swirling fogs and mists, this is the stuff of fantasy and wonder. The drama of its physical beauty, coupled with the majesty of its culture makes northern Thailand a magical destination for those with a view to romance. With a history of some 700 years the area has developed a culture comprising ritual and ceremony entirely foreign to most visitors. The marriage ceremony is no exception and the mystery attached to the ceremony has become a lure for many who wish to start their married lives with something more than a normal wedding. "Lanna" weddings certainly fit this bill.

Traditional northern Thai Lanna weddings are truly romantic affairs, considered the most romantic and spiritual available in the kingdom. A real Lanna wedding is an all-day affair starting around 05:00 with the couple offering 'alms' to monks on their daily rounds. The traditional offering comprises food, incense and flowers. An illustrious start to their married life, in return for their offering the couple is blessed with merit and bestowed good fortune for their marriage. Later the couple receives a blessing from a senior monk at a temple, and the couple gain further merit by releasing captured birds, fish or turtles into the wild. Throughout the remains of the day the couple is called upon by relatives and well-wishers. Later there may be a more western-style reception in a hotel, often in a hotel.

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