Khao Lak-Lamru National Park

Inaugurated in 1991, Khao Lak-Lamru National Park is a large park (125 square kilometres) overlooking the Andaman Sea. Set in rice paddies, jungle and rubber trees Khao Lak-Lamru features hills and a range of ‘evergreen’ forests. The highest point in the park is 1,077 metres above sea level and it provides the source for the Phang-Nga and Takuapa rivers. Cleverly, the park has been split up into a variety zones where a variety of activities (trekking, camping, swimming, rafting, bird watching, etc.) can take place. The park is home to a number of excellent beaches including ‘Rock Beach’ – a very pretty beach close to coral and therefore ideal for snorkelling. The park is also home of two very attractive waterfalls: Ton Chong Fah and Lamru waterfalls. If you are an eco-tourist or adventurer, this National Park will offer tremendous value.

Details: As with every National Park, there is a 200 Baht entrance fee.

How to get there: From Phang-Nga town take highway 4 to Ban Bangniang Village and then travel down the main road for another 5 kilometres. Ample songtaews are available to the site.