Hin Lat Waterfall

Not only being one of tourist attractions in Samui, Hin Lat Waterfall is also a significant source of Samui’s water supplies. It is easily to be accessed by vehicles. There is a small car pak at the entrance of the waterfall. In order to get to the waterfall itself, you need to walk 1.5 kilometers. It takes a bit of time (30-40 minutes). With beautiful scenery along the way makes it is worth a visit once.

The waterfall itself creates various sized pools and some of them are large and deep enough to swim. Best time to visit the waterfall is from October to November since it is filled with water. In March to September, it is rather dry.

How to get there: Hin Lat Waterfall is located on the eastern end of Route 4172. It is about 2 kilometers south of NaThon Town.