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The 40th Thailand International Motor Expo 2023

November 30 , 2023 - December 11 , 2023

2023 Theme of Motor Expo: Theme of The 40th Thailand International Motor Expo 2023 - Mobility: Imagination and Beyond.

In the past, the term 'mobility' predominantly referred to land-based vehicles, particularly cars, for travel and goods transportation. However, recent times have witnessed a shift in this perspective. People globally are now indulging in recreational journeys on high-performance watercraft, expanding the definition of 'mobility' to include both land and marine vehicles.

Looking ahead, the concept of 'mobility' is poised to extend to airborne vehicles. Drones have become commonplace in various activities, signaling the integration of aircraft into our daily lives. It's anticipated that in the near future, larger vehicles such as taxis, public transport, and private cars will also take to the skies.

The updated meaning of 'Mobility' now encompasses a broader spectrum, adapting to the evolving transportation needs of current and future lifestyles, be it on land, water, or in the air.

Inspired by this dynamic evolution, we've coined the concept for 'The 40th Thailand International Motor Expo 2023' as:

Mobility: Imagination and Beyond.

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