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Summer Kite Playground 2023

March 31 , 2023 - April 10 , 2023

A Kite Playing festival to pass on the Thai tradition, transforming the sky into a huge gallery with masterpieces by 5 artists who will bring their characters to the sky, striving through the wind.

Transforming the River Park to a large kite playground.

During 31st Mar – 10th Apr 2023, the River Park at ICONSIAM will be transformed into a huge "Kite Playground”.  The area will be packed with joy, allowing you to jog around and fly the kites into the sky along with the parade of giant kites, colorful LED kites.  There will also be a demonstration of a competition between the “Chula” kite and the “Pakpao” kite, and various multicultural Thai style lights, colors, and sound.  You can also design your own kites in one of the workshops!  And for the first time ever, visitors will get to see the giant balloon exhibition, available every day during the exhibition period.

ICONSIAM Sky Gallery – the first ever collaboration between 5 famous artists to create a gallery in the sky.

ICONSIAM, in collaboration with 5 well-known artists, brings to you the exclusive ICONSIAM SKY GALLERY – a parade of characters in the sky as designs of the kites.  Lead by Tum – Wisut Ponnimit, who brings Nong Mamuang to the parade with the piece “Love Spread” – a piece with Mamuang sharing kisses to pass on the love to visitors, Macky – Chararat Saraaporn, the designer of Chalotte, a blond girl with chubby cheeks.  For those who have fell in love with Tomato Girls by Kwang - Sirinart Saiprasart, be anticipated to meet the Tomato Girls in the sky with the piece called “Flying Together”, which brings two of the girls into the sky.  Another artist with a unique linework Earth - Thanathorn Phattharathada sees kites as a sky full of imagination that can be scribbled with endless imagination, as the name of her art piece “Sky Sketching”, which comes with the character of a child who is drawing.  And lastly, Ken – Kritpun Suwanwattanasuk and his work “It’s time to go home”, which brings visitors back “home”, where home implies to people, not the place.  Because of this concept, the piece truly creates a feeling of a home floating in the sky, just like when we wander around and meet people who makes us feel like home. 

Enjoy countless activities and join a lucky draw to receive special gifts!

In addition to the Kite Playground event, ICONSIAM has collaborated with Tiktok, for the first time ever, to invite you to a campaign for Tiktok Creators to snap and share their kite playing moments during this summer at ICONSIAM.  Use the hashtag #kitebytheriver and check-in at ICONSIAM to join a lucky draw to receive special gifts from ICONSIAM Summer Kite Artists Limited Collection.
Furthermore, we also offer special promotions for you to be the owners of special design kites from the 5 artists!  You’ll instantly receive the gifts once you’ve made a minimum purchase!* 
(*Terms and conditions apply.)

ICONSIAM Summer Kite Playground 2023
31st March – 10th Apr 2023
At the River Park, ICONSIAM

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