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Satun Surf Festival 2024

June 8 - 9 , 2024

Satun Surf Festival 2024 is set for June 8-9 at Bo Chet Lok Beach, Satun. This event invites surf enthusiasts to enjoy the unique charm of "Satun Style" surfing, surrounded by stunning nature and vibrant local culture.

Date: June 8-9, 2024
Location: Bo Chet Lok Beach, La-ngu District, Satun

Join us at the Satun Surf Festival 2024, a vibrant gathering for surf enthusiasts and water sports lovers. Experience the unique charm of "Satun Style" surfing against the backdrop of lush nature, including beautiful seas, beaches, mountains, cliffs, and mangrove forests, all intertwined with the rich local lifestyle and fishing villages.

First Wave, Good Vibes: Kick off the surfing season with joy and capture the amazing atmosphere of Satun's inaugural surf festival.

Surf: Learn from professional surfers and experienced instructors who will guide you through basic to advanced surfing techniques. The festival will also feature various water sports.

Eco: Engage in environmental conservation activities and learn how to protect the natural beauty of Satun’s seas and beaches.

Craft: Take part in eco-friendly workshops and create wonderful works led by local entrepreneurs and artists.

Music: Enjoy live music and songs on the beach, surrounded by stunning views of the sea and mountains in the village of Bor Jed Luk.

Don't miss this delightful festival at the Satun Surf Festival 2024!

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