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Saraburi Long Boat Race Festival 2017

September 23 - 24, 2017

Venue: Pasak River, Saohai District, Saraburi

The Saraburi Long Boat Race Festival, an ancient cultural event that dates to the golden age of Thailand’s Ayutthaya era, is held to mark the end of Buddhist Lent, or Ok Phansa.

The long boat race competition comprises three categories including longboat race with rowers numbering not more than 55, 40 and 30, respectively.

Apart from joining the fun-filled traditional Saraburi Long Boat Race Festival, visitors are encouraged to visit numerous historical attractions nearby. These include a golden Buddha image from the Ayutthaya period at Wat Payao, beautiful mural paintings depicting famous ancient folklore ‘Kavee’, and paying respect to the revered Buddha image at Wat Samuhapradittharam.

Visitors are also invited to view weaving demonstrations at Ban Ton Tarn Cloth Weaving Learning Centre to learn first-hand how local Thai handicrafts are made.

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