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Pineapple Nang Lae and Lin Chee Chiangrai Festival

May 1- 30, 2012

Date: May 1- 30, 2012

Lin Chee from Chiangrai has been well-known as the most quality and quantity Lin Chee of the country. Its area of cultivating include 18 districts, more than 32,269 rai. The Lin chee has produced to market more over 15,839 tons. The unique qualification of Nang Lae Pineapple are sweet taste and smell. Its area of cultivating is about 11,469 rai. Nang Lae pineapple has produced to the market more than 34,407 tons. Agriculturalists growing the pineapple earn income more over 350 million baht per year and the production's tendency is increasing.

The event is to widely promote Nang Lae pineapple, especially Phu Lae species, to people all over the country. It supports Chiangrai to be the center of pineapple and Lin Chee market in the country and also support agro-tourism.

- Nang Lae pineapple and Lin Chee products contest
- Precessed products contest
- Cooking with Nang Lae pineapple and Lin Chee competition
- agricultural products, Lin Chee and pineapple market
- OTOP products distribution

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