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Nakhon Pathom Orchid Show at the Palace

Orchid Splendour at Nakhon Pathom’s Sanam Chandra Palace March 2012


Orchid Splendour at Nakhon Pathom’s Sanam Chandra Palace
March 2012

Nakhon Pathom province will be hosting its annual orchid show at Sanam Chandra Palace, March 2012. This splendid floral showcase attracts much interest.

Situated in the fertile heartlands of the Central Plains, Nakhon Pathom province is known for its horticultural riches. The province is also a major exporter of orchids. Local horticulturalists cultivate a vast variety of tropical orchids and are constantly developing exotic orchid hybrids and new cultured varieties (cultivars). These hybrids are of significant commercial value.

Orchids come in an infinite variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Some varieties are fragrant. They are sold as cut flowers and potted ornamental plants and are in great demand, both locally and internationally. Orchids have grown in popularity because in addition to being beautiful and colourful, many orchid varieties are hardy and durable and will last days longer. Many make great indoor house plants.

However, it is the picturesque setting of Sanam Chandra (pronounced Sanam Chan) Palace that sets the Nakhon Pathom orchid show apart from other floral extravaganzas and trade shows.

The regal splendour of Sanam Chandra Palace – a historic site and heritage home and its sprawling gardens – provides an elegant picture-perfect backdrop for the annual event.

Before his accession to the throne, Crown Prince Vajiravudh (who later reigned as HM King Rama VI 1910 – 1925) made a pilgrimage to Phra Pathom Chedi in Nakhon Pathom to pay homage at the sacred site. Constructed as a royal retreat for his pilgrimage trips to the chedi, Sanam Chandra Palace consists of a group of royal residences noted for its distinctive but harmonious blend of Thai and Western architectural styles. Work began in 1902 towards the end of the Fifth Reign (1868 - 1910) and was completed in 1911.

Vaious contests and competitions will highlight the many unusual orchid varieties that drive the growth of the sector.

Other highlights include educational exhibits on the cultivation and care of orchids and free floral decoration classes.

Take in the architectural splendour of Sanam Chan Palace as it bathes in floral magnificence.

For orchid lovers and those with an interest in history, art and architecture, this orchid show at Nakhon Pathom’s Sanam Chan Palace is an event not to be missed.

Sanam Chandra Palace is located in Nakhon Pathom, a province 56 km south of Bangkok.

Sanam Chandra Palace
The following areas are open for public viewing: Bhimarn Prathom Residence, the first hall to be built, and the Prayer Room, Samakkeemukamartaya Hall (a throne hall built in the Thai architectural style), Ganesha Shrine (a traditional spirit house built as a centerpiece in the front grass lawn, to enshrine a statue of Ganesa (also spelt Ganesha – the Hindu god with the head of an elephant), Chaleemongkolasana Residence (a tiny castle-like hall that is partly French Renaissance and English half-timber), Mareerajaratabulung Residence (a two-storied building built with golden teak in European neo-classical style with some adaptation to suit the tropical climate), Thub Kwan Residence and the statue of Yalae are open for public viewing.

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