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Koh Chang’s Food and Fruit Festival

April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014

Kohchang is the second largest island after Phuket, so that their area is very large and the beach is also beautiful. It is very famous for both Thai and foreign tourists.Another profession beside of fisherman is fruit gardener, especially Durian. Chani Durian or called in general as “Koh Chang Durian has its own special taste which is different from others that is it is a little bit salt.There is the inspection which indicated that the Koh Chang Durian contains Iodine substance.Therefore, to promote the sale of agricultural product, AmphoeKoh Chang has created this festival.In the festival you can find agricultural products, OTOP products, products from the sea and performances on the stage etc. at the front of Koh Chang Government Office. There is the low cost sale of fruits directly from gardeners, fruit contest, processed fruits and the best seeds of Koh Chang Durian bid, as well.

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Koh Chang Municipal Office
Tel. 039-586176

Koh Chang agricultural Office
Tel. 039-586180

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