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ICONIC Songkran Festival 2023

April 11 - 17 , 2023

A warm welcome to the Thai New Year Festival with The ICONIC Songkran Festival 2023 at ICONSIAM, excitingly transforming every inch of ICONSIAM to pass on the precious Thai tradition of “Songkran Day – The Thai New Year”. “Water” is used as a medium to portray meaningful relationships and represents respect, leading to traditions including sprinkling water on Buddha statues, pouring water on the hands of respected elders, and splashing water to bring smiles of joy. This year, ICONSIAM has prepared countless activities for everyone to enjoy every aspect of the refreshing Songkran Festival, from 11th – 17th April 2023.

Sprinkling water on to Buddha statues to pass on the Thai tradition
As a world class landmark located next to the Chao Phraya River, ICONSIAM sees the importance of inheriting the beautiful Thai arts and cultures that has been with the people of the river since the old times. We would like to bring you to one of the main highlights of the Songkran Festival, the #Buddha statues water sprinkling tradition, believed to bring prosperity at the beginning of the new year.

Check in at the River Park #Let’sGetSplashing!
To respond to every aspect of joy, ICONSIAM has transformed every inch at the River Park during 11th-17th April 2023 into an area full of activities that everyone can enjoy, including the water splashing tradition. #Sharethejoyaroundyou and be surrounded by the lively ambience along the most beautiful bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Spread the happiness, enjoy the Thai water splashing tradition, and welcome this new year at the Chao Phraya Riverside
One of the fun activities considered to be a truly traditional Thai highlight which has captured the hearts of people around the world as well as Thai people of all age is the vintage Thai Temple Fair. Taste the delicious goods from the 4 regions of Thailand and experience the traditional Thai activities that are hard to find elsewhere.

Get your Thai costumes ready! ICONSIAM is ready to welcome you with the freshness of water and joy. Join the #joyofsplashing everyday at ICONSIAM and make this Thai New Year packed with smiles.

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