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Don Chedi Memorial Day 2023

January 18 , 2023 - February 1 , 2023

The legendary elephant battle led by King Naresuan the Great of Siam is depicted in the evening light-and-sound shows, with one showtime on 18-30 January (except 19 and 24-26 January) and 1 February.

Suphan Buri’s annual major event, the Don Chedi Memorial and Suphan Buri Red Cross Fair, is taking place from 18 January to 1 February 2023, at the Don Chedi Monument in Don Chedi district.

The 15-day event is organised to commemorate the glorious victory of King Naresuan the Great helping then Siam regain its sovereignty and freeing itself from the occupiers. During the Ayutthaya Kingdom, Don Chedi was a historically important border town that was at the front lines of many conflicts. The legendary elephant battle took place in January 1592.

The highlight is the light-and-sound and multimedia mock-up of the legendary elephant battle. There are a total of 10 shows on 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, and 30 January, with the last show scheduled on 1 February. Showtime is from 19.30 Hrs. Ticket is 100 Baht, and can be bought at the event.

The Don Chedi Memorial event was first held 64 years ago in 1959, with the light-and-sound and multimedia mock-up war inaugurated in 1980.

The Don Chedi Monument comprises two sites: a royal monument in honour of the Siamese victory and a pagoda (Chedi) enshrining relics. The Royal Thai Army renovated the pagoda in 1952, by building a new 66-metre high and 36-metre wide structure over the ancient one. The statues of King Naresuan the Great and his elder sister Phra Suphankanlaya are also located in the compound.

Throughout the two-week long event, there are plenty of other interesting shows and activities, including cultural performances, Thai fabric fashion shows, Miss Don Chedi Beauty Pageant, Likay Thai folk theatre, and a host of music concerts by popular Thai singers and bands.

Held concurrently, the Suphan Buri Red Cross Fair 2023 offers visitors the chance to enjoy local Suphan Buri products, ranging from furniture and clothes to food and desserts.

Suphan Buri is located only about 100 kilometres northwest of Bangkok. The province has a lot for visitors to see and do ranging from attractions, museums, historical ruins, reservoirs, and an aquarium to major temples.

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