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Discover Ratchaburi Art Centric 2018 from 10 to 12 August

August 10 - 12, 2018

Ratchaburi Art Centric returns on 10 to 12 August with one of the coolest happenings on the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) annual calendar of events. Artists and craftsmen from all around the province will converge for a three-day celebration of creativity along the banks of the Mae Klong river.

Sponsored by the TAT, Ratchaburi municipality, and Ratchaburi WE Art, it highlights the famous art and craft communities synonymous with Ratchaburi. Multiple event grounds are divided into four zones comprising seven activities featuring: ‘Art cetera’ interactive art exhibition; ‘Art..licious’ showcasing the province’s tasty and unique traditional Thai food; ‘A(rt) coustic’ concert, and ‘Super Art Market’ with new designs by emerging artists.

There are two activities in front of the Ratchaburi National Museum. One showcases ‘Ong Mungkorn’, the large sculpted water jars which the province is famous for and a DIY sculpture workshop to teach visitors how to sculpt.

Along the Mae Klong riverside there are also ‘Dek Din’ sculpture activities for children, traditional dramatic arts like ‘Nang Yai Wat Khanon’ light and shadow puppet performances, and concerts featuring Thai pop artists.

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