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Creative Lamphun Festival

September 2 - 3, 2017

Venue: Tourist Center Lamphun Muncipality

The Creative Lamphun Festival is a wonderful opportunity on the Thailand events calendar for tourists to experience the local culture of Thailand’s northern province of Lamphun, known for its old-world charm, natural beauty and agro-tourism.

As it promotes creative tourism and encourages travellers to learn about the cultural heritage, traditions and lifestyle of the destinations they visit, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Northern Market Division invites tourists to visit this fascinating two-day festival. The event aims to bring together tourists and the local community and build a relationship that is beneficial to all.

At the Creative Lamphun Festival visitors can:

Learn to make longan cake: Lamphun is famous for its longan fruit production and visitors can try their hand at making delicious ‘Longan Cake’.

Learn to weave: local tribal pgazkoenyau women are renowned for their skill and local knowledge in weaving, including using natural products like bark and flowers to make coloured dyes. Visitors can try weaving cloth and embroidering their name in local dialect.

Create silverware: local beliefs and the beauty of nature as seen by the people of pgazkoenyau local tribe are reflected in the beautiful fish, butterfly and other patterns of their silverware. Visitors can try making their own silverware.

Make bamboo handicrafts: in their daily life, local villagers of Nong Ngueng community perform rituals inherited from ancient times and which reflect their beliefs. Visitors can learn from them how to make auspicious bamboo items.

Try making an ‘Owl Bag’: Visitors have the chance to try their own style of ‘owl bag’ from fabric cotton remnants with local villagers of Nong Ngueng community.

Learn to make tribal cloth embellished with embroidery and Job’s-Tear seeds: local tribal pgazkoenyau villagers are still going out and about their daily life in traditional cotton clothes embellished with embroidery and Job’s-Tear seeds. Visitors can learn this local skill at Rak Phun Phun Market.

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