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Christmas Star Parade 2014

December 23 - 25, 2014

Let's celebrate christmas festival with the dazzling star parade on more than 200 cars together with Santa Claus parade, angels and join the Mass ceremony and carry the star while walking around the church. Let's watch the stageplay of Jesus's birth, Choirs, star crafting demonstration and taking tram to visit Tha Rae village and see the old building in coronial style which is the architecture influenced by French.

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Sakon Nakhon provinceCatholic Archdiocese of Tha Rae -Nong sang
Tel. +66 4271 1272

Tha Rae Municipal office
Tel. +66 4275 1213

TAT Nakhon Phanom office
Tel. +66 4251 3490-1

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