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Buffalo Racing Festival 2016

October 15, 2016

Venue: Nongkern Market Baan Bueng District, Chon Buri

The annual Buffalo Racing Festival, one of Chon Buri’s most exciting events, will this year take place on 15 October at the end of Buddhist lent. In a tradition that now stretches back over 140 years, the buffalos are raced to ensure they get exercise during the period when rice is growing and there’ less work to be done in the fields. The festival also celebrates the importance of buffalos to Thai farming and the rural way of life and gives local people the chance to come together and enjoy fun and good food. As usual, the event is expected to attract large crowds of tourists looking to see something uniquely Thai.

The races themselves are in three categories based on the size of the racing buffalos. It’s all taken very seriously by the animals’ owners who often make their beasts follow a strict training regime and diet in the weeks leading up to the races. As a result, the buffalo are raring to go and there are big prizes on offer. If you think of Thai buffalos as slow lumbering beasts, you may be surprised how fast they can run – it takes all the agility of the riders simply to hang on and guide their steed down the 100 metre track.

As well as the races there are “Miss Buffalo” beauty competitions for the best dressed buffaloes and many other attractions. The buffalo racing takes place in a fair-like atmosphere and there are lots of rides, live music and food stalls where you can enjoy local snacks and drinks.

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