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Bangkok Design Week 2024

January 27 , 2024 - February 4 , 2024

The More People Act, The Better The City hard matters . heart matters . design matters

Bangkok: A Tourist’s Delight, but Not Yet a Pleasant Place to Live

Bangkok has earned its reputation as a top global ‘city to visit,’ but why does it rank lower as a ‘living city’? It grapples with a range of issues and obstacles, particularly in terms of infrastructure that still do not meet the needs of its residents.

Being a city that is only pleasant to visit is not enough to make a city strong and survive in today’s world. The livability of a city is therefore the key to making it a sustainable place for its people to live and work.

‘The livability of a city’ is measured by how its residents experience it in their daily lives. This includes the physical, mental, and social aspects of their environment, from the private sphere to the public sphere. A livable city meets the needs of its residents in all of these dimensions, providing products, services, and activities that promote a sense of connection between people and their surroundings.

Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024)acts as a platform for ideas and experiences that will make Bangkok a more livable city. It invites everyone to create a ‘Livable Scape’ in every possible way, from the small things around us to the relationships we build, the space we inhabit, the environment we live in, and the views we see, through the Festivalisation of the city in three essential dimensions:

Hard Matters: A city that is physically well-designed, effortlessly accessible, and promotes good health.

Heart Matters: A city that is emotionally nurturing, caring for its people, offering a variety of activities, and celebrating authentic Culture.

Design Matters: A city that is well-designed, ensuring a good life, thriving public spaces, strong communities, and contributing to the creative economy.

Together, we can make Bangkok a city that is livable, attractive for investment, and worth visiting, becoming a lovable city for its residents, investors, and visitors. Let’s move beyond ideology to practicality. Anyone can take the first step.

The more people act, the better the city, the better quality of life.

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