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Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023

December 31 , 2022

Get ready and join the 2023 countdown together with us at ICONSIAM, with the marvelous moments at a world-class landmark destination.

For the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023 event, ICONSIAM strives and is determined to create an event with attention to every little detail to deliver great happiness to everyone on the night of 31st December 2022.  The night will be packed with dazzling mega phenomena, living up to its global recognition as a Global Countdown Destination and a national landmark that promotes Thailand with a world-class reputation. 

The grand highlight with the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023 phenomenon at ICONSIAM.

1. ICONSIAM will bring you to the greatest moments as a world-class landmark and a Global Countdown Destination.

On the night of 31st December 2022, ICONSIAM will fill every inch of its area with magnificence, transforming the scenic view of the Chao Phraya River into a dazzling landscape.  The perfection and creation of every detail are guaranteed as soon as the Amazing Thailand Countdown event at ICONSIAM is broadcasted to the world through world-class news agencies including CNN, BBC, AP, Reuter, and ABC, etc.  The voices around the world have agreed upon the beauty of the bank of Chao Phraya River, the river that holds the hearts of Thai people, on New Year’s Eve.

2. Over 30,000 Eco-Friendly fireworks across 1,400 meters of the bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Another highlight of the Countdown event at ICONSIAM is the fireworks show with over 30,000 Eco-friendly fireworks along the span of 1,400 meters of the Chao Phraya River, which will immediately start after the countdown enters the 1st day of 2023.  Along with the “Win the World for Thailand” concept, the fireworks show can be enjoyed from over 5 kilometers radius and is considered to be the most grand and longest fireworks show in Thailand.

3. For the first time ever, experience the AUGMENTED REALITY fireworks show.

ICONSIAM will bring you to a new experience to enjoy fireworks show.  For the first time ever, the AR or the Augmented Reality technology has been implemented to the show to portray the stories behind each of the 7 sets of the fireworks via the ONESIAM SuperApp.

4. The ultimate entertainment extravaganza led by “Mark Tuan”.

ICONSIAM has arranged a new year gift as a surprise to Thai people with a special appearance of Mark Tuan, a member of the famous GOT7, to perform his very first solo in Thailand, along with a full team of Thailand’s leading artists including INK WARUNTORN, Mew Suppasit, Yin War, J Jetrin & Jaonaay Jinjett, Atom Chanakan, POTATO, Aof Pongsak, TYTAN - Tytan Teepprasan, and Last Idol. All to create a grand phenomenon and deliver happiness and smiles to everyone during New Year.

5. Be mesmerized with the “View of the Chao Phraya River Bank” and restaurants by the riverside.

One of the most special highlights of the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023 is you can choose a restaurant by the riverside of your choice to relax and enjoy the delicious food with the magnificent view of the Chao Phraya River afront.

6. A world of over a million pieces of gifts at the ICONSIAM WORLD OF GIFTS 2022.

ICONSIAM would like to welcome you to the perfect year-end festival of happiness with over a million pieces of gifts from the ICONSIAM WORLD OF GIFTS event.  Enter this New Year with happiness and joy, treat yourself and your family with gifts, or choose the perfect gift for your friends right here.

7. Be dazzled with the Christmas Tree and chic photo spots at the ICONSIAM BANGKOK ILLUMINATION 2022 event.

ICONSIAM BANGKOK ILLUMINATION 2022 brings to you countless photogenic spots and light installations for you to enjoy.  The absolute highlight of the event is the 20-meter tall Christmas Tree which comes with the concept of “SMART SOLAR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS” that uses the alternative energy from “SOLAR CELL” of up to 9,915 watts, an equivalent to 1,840 light cells – a green approach to utilize clean energy that has zero impact on nature and the environment.

8. Challenge your photography skills with the fireworks show photography contest.

In addition to enjoying the fireworks show and joining the grand Countdown phenomenon at ICONSIAM, we would like to also invite you to join the fireworks show photography contest under the concept of the “Amazing Shot of Happiness” to win prizes of over THB 200,000.

9. Convenient transportation by car, sky train, and boat

Be worry-free about your journey to join the Countdown event at ICONSIAM because the event is accessible by car, sky train, as well as boat. If traveling by car is the way to go, ICONSIAM has a parking space than accommodates over 5,000 cars, or if the sky train is more convenient for you, simply take the Golden Line BTS sky train from Thonburi station and jump of at the Charoen Nakhon station.  Taking the #boat is another great way to indulge with the atmosphere of the river of Bangkok, a city known as Venice of the East, and one of the most beautiful banks of the Chao Phraya River.  Both the express boat and the shuttle boat services are readily available.

10. The grand LIVE event of the year that will bring you to experience the world-class countdown from anywhere across the country.

Join and become a part of the grand world-class countdown phenomenon, the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023, from anywhere via LIVE on ICONSIAM Facebook Page or Matichon online and Khaosod Facebook Page. The LIVE will bring to you experience the phenomenal fireworks show and the light, color, and sound, with the ultimate entertainment from world class artists as well as Thailand’s leading artists.

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