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2011 Mekong River International Multisport ITU Asian Cup

From the 25-27 of March, Mekong River International Multi-Sport ITU Asian Cup, 2011 will kick off to a start.

From 25-27 March, 2011, Mekong River International Multi-Sport ITU Asian Cup, 2011 will kick off to a start. Along the Mekong River in the provincial centre (Amphoe Mueang) of Nong Khai, Thailand.

Enjoy viewing and participating in the triathlon in the following categories and distances: 

1. Aquathlon International Championship (swimming and running): swimming for 750 metres and running for 5 kilometres.

2. Duathlon International Championship (running and cycling) divided into 2 legs:
2.1 International Distance Duathlon - run for 10 kilometres and cycling for 40 kilometres and run for 5 kilometres.
2.2 Sprint Distance Duathlon: run for 5 kilometres and cycling for 20 kilometres and run for 2.5 kilometres.

3. Buddy Bike and Run Challenge, 2-person team and 1 cycle (non- specified type). The races are as follows:
3.1 Long Distance - 34 kilometres
3.2 Sprint Distance - 10 kilometres

4. Triathlon ITU/ASTC Asian Cup (Triathlon: swimming, cycling and running) divided into 2 distances:
4.1 Olympic Distance Triathlon - swimming in the Mekong River for 1.5 kilometres, cycling for 40 kilometres, and running for 10 kilometres.
4.2 Sprint Distance Triathlon - swimming in Mekong River for 750
kilometres, cycling for 20 kilometres, and running for 5 kilometres

Characteristics of the Race Routes

1. Swimming: swim along the direction of the current of the Mekong

2. Cycling of the Triathlon and Duathlon categories using the route with the flat surface of the Buddy Bike and Run category: the first 15 kilometres are the plains area and last 4 kilometres are the rough natural landscape dotted with rocks, hills and bushes. The participant with a mountain bike would benefit on the uphill climbing because the racer with another type of bicycle would have to carry it up the hill themselves.

3. Running on the road (more details would be given during the athletes’ briefing). To keep an international standard for the Triathlon and Aquathlon, no life jacket or supporting equipment for swimming is allowed. Athletes that are not capable to undertake the water bound category may apply for the Duathlon or Buddy Bike and Run instead.

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